What to Buy The Nurse in Your Life for Christmas

The Christmas gift dilemma, we all experience it this time of year and ProHealth is here to help. We have everything a nurse could want under the tree and even a few surprises.



Scrubs as a gift feels like a no-brainer but a few tips when picking out the perfect pair – everyone is different. Unless you know this person’s size, brand, color and pocket number preference a gift card might be best. Try and find a local uniform store with a wide selection of sizes and brands. $40 to $50 is a really nice gift certificate and can buy almost any pair of scrubs. 


Stethoscope socks/covers

This customizable and totally adorable gift is available online only. Typically the process time is one to two weeks and most Etsy creators have a cutoff in early December. The photo above features a creation by Paisley Maizie and starts at $20. You can order online today at http://etsy.me/2AkHE4q


Travel Mug

Nurses are on the go and a good travel mug can hold warm to cold drinks. Good Housekeeping named the Chantell Single Serve mug (photoed above) as one of the best. The mug can come in multiple colors and is dishwasher safe. At $20 the Chantell can be the ultimate cost-effective gift. 


O’Keeffe’s Working Hands 

Screen Shot of Happy Nurse with O'Keeffe's hand cream

Give a hard-working nurse her hands back this Christmas. Nurses have to wash hands frequently and often suffer from dry, cracked skin. O’Keeffe’s has proven effective in healing dry, cracked skin and offer cream for feet and a lip balm. You can find this in most stores or order online for as little as $5.99





Any nice pair of socks is a wonderful gift for someone on their feet all day. People who stand all day at work, often use compression socks to keep legs from getting tired and achy. Socks vary in pricing, but you can buy a pair from around $2 or a pack at around $8.




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