Three Ways to Manage the Stress Associated with Travel Nursing.

Travel nursing is a wonderful career that offers many benefits. Including an ever-changing work environment, the opportunity to connect with many different people in your career field, and the opportunity to move and experience new cities. Even though there are so many benefits to traveling nursing they come at a cost: it can be a very stressful job. If you don’t learn how to cope with the stress, it can overwhelm you and make you lose sight of why you started nursing. Here are three ways you can manage stress as a travel nurse.




1. Surround yourself with friends/ family: 

If you have made friends at your most recent travel nursing job reach out and try to hang out with them. Get dinner, or coffee, or anything you find fun that isn’t work-related. Here you can spend time with someone that understands the stress you are experiencing. As well as spending your time doing something positive that will help you to focus on the good going on around you. If you haven’t made many friends in your current position Skype or call your other friends and family or spend time with them in person if you are still nearby.


2. Be active: 

Go for a hike, so swimming, go for a walk, go to the gym. Find a way you like to be active and go out and do so. when you exercise your body releases endorphins which help to make you feel happier. Exercise is also a great positive way to work off the stress of a difficult job. I can help you to get rid of anger and frustration caused by stress, so you don’t take it out on those around you. 


3. Do something you love:

Do you like reading go get yourself that book you have been wanting and read away. Do you like going to coffee shops to relax and talk to friends or people watch? Maybe you love being active, do something on idea number two to help manage your stress. Go to a movie if that’s what you like to do. When you are stressed and overwhelmed it is easy to focus on the bad and not be able to see the good, doing things you love will help you see the positives in life. So find something you love to do and do that, it will help you not focus on stress while also allowing you to be happier as you do activities you like. 


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