Making Friends While Travel Nursing

When you are frequently moving as a travel nurse it ‘s hard to make and keep friends, but we are here to help. Just because you often move for assignment doesn’t mean you need to be socially isolated. Relationships with other people are essential to our health and emotional well being. Isolating your self and not being connected can significantly wear on you not only personally but in the workplace. So here are some tips on how to make friends even when you are brand new to an area. 


Join a class/gym: Physical activity is also vital for proper emotional and physical health, so why not combine relationships and physical activity. Take a yoga or pilates class and meet new people before and after. 


Social Media:  No we are not advising simply sitting on your couch scrolling through social media. But, social media can be used to find events happening in your neighborhood and can help you connect with your coworkers.


Network: Use your current friends to find new friends. See if anyone you know currently is connected with people where you are going. 


Be Open and Approachable: Get lunch or go somewhere with others within your department to try and find others you connect with. Being open to people about your feelings can also help to grow relationships. Don’t dump all your problems on a stranger, but sharing a little can be beneficial.  


Continue: Once you have started new relationships in your new location, you need to continue to work on them. Talk to your new friends and go out with them.  You can even create something like a monthly potluck or movie date. 


Moving frequently can be challenging, but very rewarding. Hopefully, these tips can help you to enjoy traveling even more. 

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