The hottest healthcare jobs TODAY…and tomorrow!

The healthcare industry is one of the few career fields that despite any economic downturn, jobs will always be plentiful. And per the Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational projections report, of the top 12 fastest-growing careers on the list, eight of are in healthcare.


Occupational Therapy Assistant work alongside occupational therapists to help patients develop, recover, and improve the skills needed for daily living and working.

          Expected growth:      43%

          Avg. annual pay:        $57,870 per year


Physical Therapist Assistants & Aides also known as PTAs, work under the supervision of physical therapists to help patients recover regain movement and manage pain following an injury or illness.

          Expected growth:       41% (assistants), 39% (aides)

          Avg. annual pay:         $55,170 (assistants), $42,980 (aides)


Home Health Aides help people with disabilities, chronic illness, or cognitive impairment with activities of daily living. 

          Expected growth:       38%

          Avg. annual pay:         $21,920


Nurse Practitioner, also known as advanced practice registered nurses (APRN), coordinate patient care and may provide primary and specialty healthcare. Practice scope varies from state-to-state. 

          Expected growth:       35%

         Avg. annual pay:          $98,190


Physical Therapist, sometimes called PTs, are an important part of the rehabilitation, treatment and prevention of patients with chronic conditions, illnesses, or injuries. 

          Expected growth:       34%

          Avg. annual pay:         $84,020


Occupational Therapist Aides, under supervision of occupational therapists, perform support activities to help patients develop, recover and improve the skills needed for daily living and working.

          Expected growth:       31%

          Avg. annual pay:         $27,800


Physician Assistants, also known as PAs, practice medicine on teams with physicians, surgeons and other healthcare workers. They examine, diagnose and treat patients.

           Expected growth:       30%

           Avg. annual pay:         $98,180


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