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Medical coverage: Individuals and their eligible dependents are provided with a medical plan covering preventative care, and inpatient and outpatient health services. Highlights of coverage include:

• Visit any doctor or hospital

• Enrolled dependents receive that same coverage as you

• NO pre-existing conditions, exclusions or limitations

• NO co-pay or deductible for preventative care

• Coverage is daily benefits*

• $22.22 weekly premium (dependent coverage is additional)

*See Summary Plan Description – available upon request – for outline of full plan benefits.

Enrollees also receive these non-insurance benefits:

• Prescription drug care offering discounts at participating pharmacies

• VSP Access Plan membership offering discounts on eye exams and prescription glasses at network doctors

• 24-Hour nurse helpline

• Online wellness assistance

• Vitamins and nutritional supplement plan

• On call travel assistance

Frequently Asked Questions:
What dependents can be covered?

Individuals eligible for coverage under your plan include your lawful spouse and your children through age 25, or through any age if disabled and unable to earn a living.

When does coverage begin and end?

Your coverage begins on the first day of the month after you enroll, provided you are eligible and the required premium has been paid. Coverage for all of your benefits under the program will end if (1) the required premiums are not paid; (2) you are no longer an eligible employee; (3) the insurance policies terminate; or (4) you enter an Armed Service on full-time active duty.

When does dependent coverage begin and end?

Your dependent’s coverage begins when yours does, unless you enroll them later. If you do, their coverage will become effective after the enrollment is approved and the premiums have been paid. Their coverage ends when yours does or when the dependent is no longer eligible.

Do I have to use certain doctors or hospitals?

No, you are free to use any licensed doctor or certified hospital. However, under the medical plan provided, you can save money by using an in network provider. Rest, nursing or old age homes, or facilities for the treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction or mental disorders are not hospitals.

How does the medial plan’s hospital admission benefit work?

The plan pays a single daily benefit when you are admitted as an inpatient to the hospital for treatment of any of the conditions shown. The daily benefit amount varies by condition and is payable based on the first diagnosis listed on the claim form for the hospital admission.

Does the medical plan cover maternity?

Yes, maternity is covered.

Are visits to a chiropractor covered under the medical plan?

Yes, chiropractic office visits are covered. However, spinal adjustments and manipulations, or modalities are not covered.

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