Coping with Stress as a Traveling Nurse

The field of nursing continues to grow as population growth continues and the older generations of nurse begin to retire. This is great news for your career outlook and future goals. But, a career as a traveling nurse can be stressful and draining. If you let this stress become out of control, it can lead to not functioning well in your career as well as problems enjoying the other aspects of your life. 

  • Community: Since you are working with patients, their families, and doctors all day long, it might seem like the last thing you should do. But, socializing and building community is crucial to your emotional and physical health. Try to build relationships and connect with your coworkers as well as make new friends. Try getting coffee or a meal with a couple of colleagues. Or try doing something active such as a pick-up sports game or going for a hike.
  • Exercise: Getting in a consistent habit of exercise can be difficult as a traveling nurse, but it is nowhere close to impossible. It can be pretty simple. Routine is vital for consistency as well as being intentional during the time you have set aside for exercise. Exercising with your community and friends can also keep you motivated. 
  • Routine: Creating a routine in your life allows you to get done what needs to be done well also, being able to enjoy your free time be aware of your habits and manage them to become the best you that you can be. 

Your job is going to be stressful at times as a traveling nurse, but this can be managed with the steps listed above, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable life. 

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